SKID Crash SceneStop Kids Impaired Driving (SKID) is a traffic safety and underage drinking prevention program to educate young people about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving. Since its creation in 1998, an average of six to nine SKID events have been staged each year on Washington County high school campuses. This has allowed approximately 82,000 students to participate in the SKID Program. 

SKID is a "live-action" event which simulates a fatal, alcohol related traffic crash for high school students. SKID is a multi-agency, community effort that relies on strong partnerships with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, Hillsboro Towing, Metro-West Ambulance, and Life Flight, as well as several city police departments, fire service agencies, and school districts throughout Washington County.

skid lifeflight

SKID is a very graphic and realistic dramatization involving wrecked vehicles and injured "victims" who are portrayed by students from the host school. The presentation is so dramatic that people often get caught up in the emotions of the moment, many are even moved to tears, forgetting that the scene is not real. As a result, SKID presentations leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of students who will, at some point, face their own very real life-and-death choices about underage drinking and driving.

The Washington County Sheriff's Foundation regularly provides funding for SKID events. For the production of these live-action events it takes a great team of dedicated people and organizations, along with finical support to preform these invaluable presentations.

Your donations help support these very effective reenactments, please consider donating today!

More information about the SKID program can be found here.