Save the date for the 14th Annual Washington County Sheriff's Office Police Canine Trials

k9 2016

The 2019 K-9 Trials and Safety Fair will be back at the Hillsboro Stadium, Saturday June 1st 2019! 
Event schedule and times to be announced soon.

For the past 13 years the Sheriff's Office Foundation has been a proud to support the annual Washington County Sheriff's Office Police Canine Trials. This event brings together police dogs and their handlers from the around the state to complete in a series of events. The event will also be host to the Kids and K-9’s Safety Fair prior to the competition.


The dogs will participate in a series of events to earn them and their handlers bragging rights and a trophy. The skills tested include:

  • Searches for people and evidence
  • Agility/Obstacle course
  • Fastest dog
  • Suspect apprehension
  • Handler protection

The safety fair will include bicycle and dog safety, emergency preparedness tips and other demonstrations from many other Washington County public safety organizations.

This event is free to the public to attend.

If you would like to become a sponser of the event, please check back soon. More information will be posted in the coming months.


The Sheriff's Office Foundation would like to thank all of our sponsors, and community for thier generous support of this annual event!